Les Fleurs Du Mal

Baudelaire's Legacy Redefined:
Classic poetry encounters the transformative realm of digital art.
Available september 15th,2023
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Three minute video loop

In 1857, Charles Baudelaire daringly released "Les Fleurs du Mal", a groundbreaking collection that stirred the French literary realm. Initially faced with controversies and biting critiques, resulting in a conviction for public indecency, this work, over time, rose above its debut reception, standing today as a bastion of French poetry, highlighting the intricate dance of human emotions and the duality of beauty and decay.

Art is - at its core - a constantly evolving spectrum of expressions and ways of expressing. Just as Baudelaire stood as a maverick in pushing poetic boundaries in his day - today, generative and digital art initially found sceptics amongst traditional art circles, yet its aptitude to meld technology with artistry eventually established its position in the modern art landscape.

The present collection of generative art pieces is an avant-garde exploration, embodying Baudelaire's 126 poems as ribbons which evolve and flow according to the structure of the poetry. A visual realm is created where the ribbons intertwine and mingle, mirroring the structure of the text. The result is a dance between the individual poems in the book, with each ribbon moving independently, driven purely by the shape and construct of the words.

The Collection comprises : -

The unveiling of this collection stands as a significant milestone for the artist, the result of years of intricate labour and exploration. The outcome is a harmonious blend of technology and poetry, already receiving a commendable reception.

Les Fleurs Du Mal #5, open edition print. 42x60cm with 18mm margin. Fine Art print
Les Fleurs Du Mal #6, open edition NFT. 9000x6000 PNG. 0.02 ETH